RBBP® Big-Vision Board – Setting Your Intentions for 2016

What is the Right Brain Business Plan® (RBBP) Big-Vision Board?


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Saturday, December 12
9:30am to 12:30pm

Evendale Cultural Arts Center
Lower Level Art Studio
10500 Reading Road
Evendale, OH 45241

Questions? Send me an email at elaine [at] hansen-rd.com or leave a message here.

In this 3 hour workshop, we’ll use small group conversations and journaling to tap into your intuition and heart to discover your inner knowing about the possibilities of your life and work.

Vision boards give us clarity and visual reminders of what we really want to achieve in our life and work. We will explore your vision, values, and voice to discover what next is possible. Honoring the steps you’ve taken in the past, acknowledging where you are now; and identifying at least one action step you can take to live into your preferred future.

We begin this day by looking internally at what has heart and meaning for you.

This Big Vision Board is 1 of 8 modules offered in the Right Brain Business Plan®. This day will be designed to accommodate both a Life Vision Board and a business Big Vision Board.

You registration fee will include everything you need to complete your Vision Board – poster board, magazines for collage, pens, markers, glue, scissors. Worksheets are provided to help you gain clarity and journal your thoughts and feelings to create the Vision Board.

Please bring any special of interest to you type magazines, ephemera, stamps, or any of your other favorite art supplies to personalize your Vision Board.