Elaine’s Shiny Object – Bullet Journal Workshop

What is a Bullet Journal?

Ryder Carroll is the originator of the Bullet Journal. Just watch his video here.


Imagine what it’d be like, how you’d feel, IF YOU-  

  • were organized and in control of the chaos in your life?
  • never forgot another birthday, deadline, assignment, or even an appointment?
  • were no longer scrambling to get that project done on time, no more all-nighters!?!
  • planned time for self-care…and really did it?
  • expressed yourself creatively in your journal?

My bullet journal is with me 24/7. It has become my BRAIN. All my lost notes and brilliant ideas on scraps of paper have found a home…and are now searchable!

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Instructor: Elaine Hansen
Dates:  February 7, 2017
Times: 6:45—9:00 pm
Location:  Evendale Community Arts Center, 10500 Reading Road, Evendale, OH 45241 – Lower Level Art Studio
Cost: $29.00
(Basic supplies included in fee – a Moleskin Cahier Journal, a ruler, a pencil, and a black pen.)

How often have you started a new planner, calendar, journal….and now it sits unused on a shelf?

Let me help you create your own Bullet Journal.

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Maybe I’m the only one, but I have a nice stack of slightly used planners/journals – everything from the Passion Planner, Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner, Daytimer calendars, and of course, my Goggle calendar.

I started all of them with great enthusiasm. I quickly became overwhelmed with all the boxes and questions. It left me feeling like a failure ’cause I wasn’t utilizing ALL the tools in the journals/planners.

The Bullet Journal is the very first one I’ve continued to use. I take it with me everywhere. The analog aspect of using my pens and pencils on paper engages me and stores it in my brain in a way digital can not compare with. If you’re not ready to let go of your digital, there’s even a way to Bullet Journal with an app.

If your life is feeling the least bit:  disorganized or out of control? too many tasks and not enough time? What if there were a way to improve your focus and increase your productivity? My Bullet Journal has done that for me and thousands of others. Just google Bullet Journal and be prepared to be surprised.

In this workshop, I’ll teach you the basics to creating your own Bullet Journal. It will include resources, tips, and templates for you to choose from.

Join me February 7 to learn the basics of Bullet Journaling. Leave with your own Bullet Journal.

You can begin today to create your own bullet journal by following Ryder Carroll’s video.  

IF you would like a little coaching and teaching from an experienced Bullet Journal-er, sign up today for my workshop.

Beyond the Basics – Here are a few samples of how others have customized their Bullet Journal.

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What are Elaine’s Shiny Object Workshops about?
Elaine suffers from S.O.S. – Shiny Object Syndrome. She loves new ideas, tools, and new crafts. Watch for future Shiney Object Workshops in 2017.