Elaine and Eric host In the Clouds with ASG on the second Wednesday of the month at 8:30pm EDT/5:30pm PT and the fourth Wednesdays of the month @11:30am EDT/8:30am PST. Our next calls are scheduled for:

Morning Calls on :  June 22 – Gifts, July 27 – Invitation, August 24 – Possibilities, and September 28 – Ownership

Evening Calls on:  July 13 – Invitation, August 10 – Possibilities, and September 14 – Ownership

Register for evening calls here:


To get your unique MaestroConference registration link:

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What to expect:

MaestroConference will send you a confirmation email that includes a conference call-in number and the unique PIN you use to enter the call. The calls will be long distance, so it’s best to use a phone with a long-distance plan.

You only need to call in to participate. You do not need to be at your computer. While we may provide access to PowerPoint slides that will include details of the call, you only need a telephone (cell phone or land line) to participate.

You can use a Voice over IP (VoIP) client such as Skype to make the call if you have the ability to call telephone numbers using your VoIP client. Skype charges $3 a month for unlimited long distance to land lines and cell phones in the US and Canada. We both have Skype subscriptions for unlimited long distance and have found them to be very valuable.

Note:  After you register you will automatically be sent a reminder email that includes your  MaestroConference telephone number and PIN before each call. You do not need to register each month. If you decide you no longer want to participate in these monthly calls, send us an email to ask to be removed. You can reach us here.

Format of Meeting

We highly recommended you read the A Small Group – Civic Engagement booklet to prepare for the call. The booklet can can be downloaded for free from the ASG website here.

The order of the calls is:

  • We begin with the welcome — we think of it as the opening circle. 
  • We set the context for the conversations, provide guidelines for helping us hold the space, and ask a powerful question.
  • We break everyone into small groups of three to four where you respond to a powerful question.  
  • We return everyone to the large group circle where we ask you to reflect on the small conversations and ask you to offer to share your reflection with with whole group.
  • We repeat this process throughout the call. The exact questions we use depends on the conversation we are exploring on that call.
  • We always end with a gifts conversation, and usually have time at the end for any announcements.