A Small Group in the Clouds

ASG in the Clouds

Do you know about Peter Block’s A Small Group (ASG) in Cincinnati? ASG is a network of citizens “committed to the creation of a restorative and reconciled community. Our work focuses on direct efforts to bring into conversation those groups of people who are not in relationship with each other.”

Elaine and Eric Hansen are long-time members of ASG. For those who want a taste of A Small Group but can’t get to the in-person monthly meetings, we offer the free In the Clouds with A Small Group. The conversations are designed to shift the usual conversational process. We explore conversations that encourage:

  • Invitation rather than mandate  (January and July)
  • Possibility rather than problem solving   (February and August)
  • Ownership rather than blame  (March and September)
  • Dissent rather than resignation and lip service  (April and October)
  • Commitment rather than barter  (May and November)
  • Gifts rather than deficiencies  (June and December)

When: (We offer 2 options)

# 1 – The second Wednesday of the month, from 8:30 pm to 9:45 pm Eastern Time.    

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#2 – The fourth Wednesday of the month, from 11:30 am to 12:45 pm Eastern Time.

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Where: Your Own Telephone – no special equipment needed, no download required.

Since 2011, using MaestroConference technology, we are able to create a Virtual A Small Group experience, modeled after the monthly meeting with large and small group conversations. In our experience, the “barriers” of technology quickly disappear, thanks to the power of small groups and powerful questions. In fact, this is an instance when technology actually is an enabler, allowing people from all over the country and world to connect

To prepare for the call, read about the conversations and the process in the A Small Group Civic Engagement booklet, which can be downloaded for free at http://asmallgroup.net. For a more in-depth look at the conversations and the process, read Peter Block’s book Community: The Structure of Belonging.

Another resource is Peter Block’s book, “The Answer to How is Yes.” In it, Peter explores why these conversations work and how they help create a future that is distinct from the past.

Learn more about ASG here

Learn more about MaestroConference here.

Use the ASG Technique Anywhere

The technique works in any gathering.  We use these conversations and questions where ever we show up to create conversations that matter everywhere. You can learn more here and here.  Sign up for our newsletter and receive our A Simple Practice tips for incorporating the A Small Group question into your everyday conversations.

What is the ASG Experience?

A Small Group is hard to describe – it is really an experience. This song, written by Randy Weeks, a long time A Small Group member, beautifully captures the essence of A Small Group. We hope it clarifies the experience a little for you, but if not, it is a very pretty song.



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