Sample Documents

Below are PDFs of storyboards with examples of content I developed. One is for technical training about screens used in machinery that drills for oil and one is about what employees need to do to follow a client company’s code of professional conduct. There is also a PDF for a quick reference card to illustrate how collateral material can be used in the course.

The storyboards look static and do not have any actual interactivity. After the client approved the content, they were turned over to a Flash developer to add the interactivity.

Since Flash is not view-able on mobile devices, and assuming you want the training to be available as widely as possible, we will need a development platform that can create content for mobile. We also need to determine the best way for CSK to host the course. There are many options available for both. We can have a conversation to determine what is best for you.

To download the files to review, click on the title of each document.

Technical Training Example
This example is provided to illustrate online training I developed for technical content. The primary source material came from documents supplied by the customer. I had follow-up interviews with subject matter experts to confirm or correct the content.

Scenario Based Training Example
This example shows several different ways to create interactions, including a scenario-based series of multiple choice questions with weighted responses. The purpose here is to show how the interactions could be developed. It is not intended as an example of content.

Quick Reference Card Example
This is a simple example of using a PDF for additional collateral material. The final document included in the course had design elements, but I do not have access to it. I’ve only provided the content used.