Favorite Websites

A Small GroupCivic Engagement Series–Peter Block Since 2004,  Eric and Elaine have been immersed in Peter Block’s community A Small Group, participating in, and facilitating, the six conversations in Peter’s Civic Engagement process. They served on the Growth and Nurture Team for A Small Group.

Appreciative Inquiry David Cooperrider – introduced and equipped in AI by Joan Hoxsey of Relationship Resource, LLC

Art of HostingToke Paludan Moeller, founder

Berkana InstituteMargaret Wheatly, founder

Conversation CaféVicki Robin and Susan Partnow

Minds at WorkBob Kegan and Lisa Laslow Lahey – attended their training and are licensed to conduct the Immunity to Change workshop

Open Space — Harrison Owen, founder

PeerSpirit – Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea

Positive Deviance – Marian Zeitlin, Jerry and Monique Sternin

Story CatcherChristina Baldwin – introduced to Christina when attending her workshop on Story as Leader at OSU.

Vital Smarts— Authors of several books on influencing change with language and conversation

World Café — Juanita Brown and David Isaacs

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