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Occupy Cafe   

Hosts calls on Mondays – 11am ET/8am PT
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What is Occupy Cafe?

Occupy Cafe is a space for people active on the ground with the Occupy movement to connect directly with others who are similarly engaged around the world, and with those who wish to offer tangible support.  Occupy Cafe is dedicated to expanding and connecting #Occupy conversations here in the US and throughout the world.  Real and meaningful change for good comes when we, the people, stand, speak and act together, cooperatively and collaboratively.

Please go to for more information, to join the conversation now and to find out about the upcoming calls.  

 The Global Conversation  – “The Gifts of Imperfection”
On November 20, 2011, my friend Suzanne Daigle and I hosted an amazing conversation.  And it is not over.  The memory lingers on and the ripple effect continues throughout the world.  More than 500 people registered for this virtual small group conversation using Open Space. Global Conversation (Elaine Hansen and Suzanne Daigle) hosted conversations about Brene’ Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection.  It was an opportunity to explore and share with others why this book is important to them. To learn more about what happened in the first call and view the beautiful graphic recordings and comments, go here. To learn more about the 2nd call hosted on July 28th, go here.


Old News:

BalanceNarrative Therapy – Chene’ Swart – July 24-27 and August 2-6, 2011

Chene’ sent a note that she is on a pilgrimage to the North again (Chene’ lives in South Africa). She will visit Cincinnati from 24- 27 July and Northern Kentucky from 1-5 August.

Not familiar with Narrative Therapy? Here’s a brochure: Narrative workshops-CheneSwart.

The intent of the visit is:

  1. To present Narrative workshops
  2. To establish a community of practice for those interested in applying these ideas in their work

Presenting Narrative workshops

  • 24-26 July – Narrative leadership (Cincinnati –venue still to be announced depending on the interest)
  • 2-3 August – Introduction to Narrative practices (NKU, specifics to follow later)
  • 4-5 August – Narrative coaching  (NKU, specifics to follow)

For this workshop it is important you have experience with introductory Narrative workshops.

Becoming part of the community of practice

On the 6th of August I (Chene’) would like to have a gathering with everybody that would like to be part of this Narrative community of practice. I (Chene’) am looking for people that are interested to present these workshops and want to co-construct learning around these practices.

Contact person:

For more information you are welcome to contact Gayle Hilleke on 8592509591 or e-mail

BalanceALIA Summer Institute 2011 – June 24-July 1, Columbus, Ohio

Authentic Leadership in Action (ALIA) – Many of our friends are at this gathering…and I wish I were there, but I’m not. I’m grateful that people are sharing the experience on line with our community.  Our friend, Peter spoke on June 24. Reading the posts, it was fun to discover how he has integrated what he is learning from his acquaintance, Walter Bruggemann. Here are few sites that are posting the conversations.

1.  An overview of the event – the who, what, why, and when

2.  Take a look at these graphic recordings of the event so far – Start with this slide about Peter Block’s talk and move forward to follow from oldest to newest posts. (Currently, this ends with Tim Ryan’s talk) or here.

3.  Follow on Twitter here or #ALIA2011.


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