Love your reader

Today, when conducting research, I ran across those words on Donald Miller’s blog.  He’s a Christian writer. It was the title of his post that got me to pause and read what he wrote. The title, ” The Best Writing Advice I’ve Ever Received” piqued my curiosity. You can read his full post here.

“Love Your Reader” were the last three words of his first paragraph. It seems like profound advice for writers. The words began to work on me.

As I do not think of myself as a writer, what do those words have to do with me? The path was a little meandering but where I landed was thinking about what those words mean for Hansen Resource Development.

Eric and I have a profound love of learning and sharing what we learn with others.  Some of what we have learned has transformed our lives.

One of the reasons we chose the name of our company was our strong desire to help others develop their resources.  I believe you already have everything you need to be successful. I have a knack for helping others develop their gifts, talents and skills and that inspires and motivates me.

If you’re feeling stuck, unsure, confused, looking for encouragement – give us a call.  Tell me more. I love helping others sort through the evolution of their business and life.


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