The Invitation

Saturday, February 11 was our first HeartWork – The Invitation conversation. Margaret and Elaine want to thank all the beautiful women who showed up to explore this conversation.

We were humbled and honored by your level of engagement and hard work accomplished in such a short time. We were especially touched by how you embraced the “gifts” conversation. Thank you, all!

Thank you Mary Barr Rhodes for hosting us in your beautiful gallery space. It was the perfect space for the creative energies in the room as women discovered they can create an alternative narrative for their lives.

Possibilities were born at this gathering, we hope many of you will continue the work with us with “The Call.”

To learn more about “The Call,” go here.

The Invitation will be offered, again. We are exploring dates for the next Invitation.

In HeartWork, we invite you to explore the issues that hold your heart hostage, help you create a new story, and step into courage, compassion, and wholehearted living.

These conversations are grounded in the work of Dr. Brené Brown‘s book, “The Gifts of Imperfection” We create a space for you to do your HeartWork and connect with the real you. We leave space for vulnerability, because we know it is an essential ingredient of wholehearted living. Using Peter Block’s A Small Group methodology, we provide opportunity for curiosity and deep listening. These have the power to heal both the speaker and the listener.

Dr. Brown’s work provides a vocabulary and language to explain to others how they too can heal their wounded hearts.

In HeartWork, we use the narrative process from the work of Dr. Chené Swart. Key elements of narrative are: You are the expert of your own story. And – all the events of our lives are like stars in the night sky. Just as we create patterns from those stars that we make into constellations, so, too, we create patterns from the events of our lives that become our stories about ourselves. While we can’t change the events in our lives, we can change the story we tell about them.

Join us for this conversation. It might…silence the critic in your head, help you heal your heart, replace lies with truth, and it might change your life…

When: new date to be announced

Watch: “The Power of Vulnerability” – TEDxTalk

Guides: Margaret Rahn & Elaine Hansen

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