HW-Conversation Series

What is the HeartWork Conversation Series?  

We have chosen the language of conversation because our experience has been when someone listens deeply to our story, we hear ourselves for the first time. Hearing ourselves speak the words of our story opens the possibility for transformation. 


Transformation is about shifting my internal view of myself and my relationship with others and the world and the right behavior emerges.

The power of transformation is that it expands my capacities and strengthens my knowledge of my authentic self. HeartWork is about transformation. It is also about growing your self-awareness and your resiliency to recover from life’s hardships.

Our HeartWork conversations are broken into stages to allow you to move at your own pace.

The Invitation – In this opening conversation, we explore with you the importance of compassion, connection, and courage in our lives. We share what our understanding is of these words and the emotions associated with them. We then provide and interactive experience to help you discover how to experience more of these. This 2 ½ hr gathering we will introduction you to the Call, Journey, & Return. There will be a self-directed assessment of your self-compassion.

The Call

This first step is designed to help you begin your journey. It is about tapping into your internal wisdom and having conversations that lead to increased self-awareness.  It is about slowing down and noticing your internal self-talk. If you find yourself in the place of sensing something is not right, maybe noticing how easily you are embarrassed, how you sometimes feel bad about yourself, this conversation series will help you explore what is behind those symptoms. 

In this interactive workshop, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Engage in an exploration of the gifts of your imperfections,
  • Discover what resiliency looks like and how to get more of it.
  • Explore the power of love, belonging, and being enough.


At the end of our time together, you will have explored one of your stories, how you can begin shifting your story, and begin leaning into a wholehearted life.

A one day workshop using small group conversations, powerful questions, storytelling (you are the storyteller), and self-reflection.  This current workshop is offered on October 13 at the Speckled Bird in Norwood, Ohio. Register here.

Online – 6 weeks of virtual experiences. These include virtual small group conversations using MaestroConference, increasing your self-awareness through powerful questions and conversations, a forum, homework assignments, and more. Dates to be announced soon. We recommend using the one day workshop as a starting point and invite you to continue the work online.

The Journey 6 weeks of online and virtual small group conversations about digging deep into courage, compassion, and compassion. You will be living life and beginning to identify your numbing behaviors, shame triggers and practicing shame resiliency tools.  At the end of this conversation, you will have identified and named your old narrative story and re-written and named your new narrative.  You will have identified a tools and a path to thicken this new narrative. This will help you to stop living in the past and live into a new future. This will include a virtual farewell party to the old narrative and celebration for the new narrative.  *An in-person workshop will be offered as a stand-alone or combined with the virtual components.

The Return – 6 weeks of online and virtual small group conversations. In these 6 weeks, you will practice integrating all that you have learned into your life. You will be invited to share your successes, talk about areas that are still giving you challenges, and learn how to expand your tools for shame resiliency.  At the end of this conversation, you will have learned how to recover more quickly (practice, practice, practice) and move ahead without getting stuck in the old story.  As you have been transformed in this process, it will be time to revisit your “Me, Myself, and I” document to update it to reflect the new you. This is a contract with yourself. It will help remind you who you are and what you want more of in your life. *An in-person workshop will be offered as a stand-alone or combined with the virtual components.