Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear

Today, I’m feeling especially, inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert and her work

I’m in the final pages of Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, “Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear.“** She has expanded my understanding of the many faces of the creative muse.

There is room in this new definition for me and you, too.

The Universe continues to send me messages as I am traveling this path of creative self-discovery. Today, I watched a video of a  Oprah’s Super Soul tv show. Elizabeth spoke about “The Flight of the Hummingbird – Curiosity Driven Life”.

I knew she was talking to me. As much as I would love to have a focused passion to do one thing, I don’t. Everything and everyone is interesting to me and I always want to know more about it or the person. Leaving a legacy is not my thing – when you listen to the talk, you’ll get what I mean.

A few of my friends have known since childhood what they wanted to do with their life – their passion. One became an electrical engineer. Another became a pastor. Secretly, I’ve been jealous of them, which has led me to being judgmental and critical of my own lack of focus.

Most times, I call it my S.O.S. – Shiny Object Syndrome. It is hard for me to resist a bright shiny new idea when it appears. For a long time, I’ve said I love training and equipping others to do their work, pursue their passion. It really didn’t matter to me what the subject was I was teaching….which is what makes it weird when trying to craft a business or a website (I have 4 so far). Looking back, I can see the thread of teaching others and creativity running through almost everything I have done.

The Hummingbird image works for me. It is who I am and maybe, who you are, too. We need both kinds of people; those who are passion driven and those who are curiosity driven.

Do yourself a favor, take 30 minutes and listen to what Elizabeth has to say in this SuperSoul TV session. May it give you rest and inspire you to continue on your path. May it speak to your heart.