Eric Hansen

headshot 2_edited-1Eric is an instructional designer. He has designed and developed many e-learning courses, instructor-led training materials, job aids, and step-by-step operating procedures. He excels at working with subject matter experts and reviewing source material in order to understand the client’s business and training needs.


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Below are links to examples of materials Eric has developed. To protect confidentiality, the names of clients and the training vendors have been removed.


Front End Analysis: Executive Summary
Executive summary of an analysis of an existing new hire orientation program.

Account Manager Protocol
Protocol for an interview designed to uncover job performance expiations that account managers have for themselves and customer service agents.

Contextual Inquiry
Protocol to guide an ethnographic/contextual inquiry interview that explores how employees’s do their job and various methods they use to learn their job.

Expert Learning Effectiveness Group Interview Protocol
Protocol for group interview designed to uncover on-the-job expertise.

Strategic Sourcing Objectives Survey
Survey developed to allow subject matter experts to evaluate training objectives.

Data Collection Methods
A document that describes pros and cons of various types of data collection methods.

Analysis Samples Zip File
A zip file with all the analysis samples listed.


High-Level Design Document
High-level design document for an entire new employee orientation process.

Detailed Design Document
Detailed design document for one instructor-led training session that occurs during the new employee orientation.

Storyboard Prototype
Combination design document/course prototype for an online course in active listening. PowerPoint.

Project Scoping Calculations
Excel spreadsheet used to estimate the project scope for one module covering relationships with clients for an online course.

Course Map
Detailed course map for a module covering relationships with clients for an online course.

Design Samples Zip File
A zip file with all the design samples listed.


New Employee Orientation Materials

Following are examples of materials developed during a project to re-design a pharmaceutical company’s new employee orientation process.

  • Facilitator Guide
    Facilitator guide for instructor-led training session to be held during new employee orientation process.
  • Workshop PowerPoint
    Powerpoint presentation illustrating the company’s history, current state, and critical processes.
  • Activity Handouts
    Handouts used to help explain activities in the new employee orientation training session.
  • Key Points Handouts
    Handouts with key points covered in the new employee orientation training session.
  • Peer Coach Handbook
    Example of handbooks developed to guide stakeholders in the new employee orientation process.

Code of Professional Conduct Storyboards

Following are PowerPoint storyboards for two modules an online course on a company’s code of professional conduct. The modules illustrate storyboards for different kinds of interactive scenarios.

Understanding Profitability Storyboard

The Lemonade Game
PowerPoint storyboards for an online course about profitability. The primary focus is a game that uses a lemonade stand as a simplified business example demonstrating the relationship of costs and income to profitability.

Instructor Guide

Quality Writing Instructor Guide
Instructor guide for a course about quality in writing.

Development Samples Zip File
A zip file with all the development samples listed.


Following are examples of documents developed to evauate a new employee orientation process.

Evaluation Samples Zip File
A zip file with all the evaluation samples listed.