A Simple Practice

We are offering a special series, called A Simple Practice.  Each month we will share a simple tool, question, attitude to practice to improve the quality of your conversations.


I’m offering this video to give you a taste of the why behind the A Small Group powerful questions.

Are you tired of having the same old conversations? The ones where you are either listening to someone complain or complaining yourself, talking about how to problem solve the same problem you’ve discussed repeatedly in the past,  or talking in circles with no end in sight.

We have – and we bet you have, too. Let’s change that!

Join us as we explore how to shift the conversation one simple practice at a time. We know it’s possible because we have used simple practices to change conversations to ones where everyone was engaged, energized, and expressed what was important to them.

While the practices are simple, they are not easy. You will probably have to shift your viewpoint, and do something different than you have in the past.

Beginning in October, 2014 and every 2nd Wednesday of the month thereafter, we send all subscribers an email that describes a common conversation problem, and give you a tip that will help you practice shifting the conversation. (Subscribe here.)

To help you solidify your new practice, we encourage you to record the results of the exercises in a journal. We also offer a member’s only closed Facebook page where you can share your experiences. To join the Facebook group, click here.

*Note:  When we give you a question to use, use it exactly as it is written. Why?  The questions are designed to be personal, ambiguous, and a little risky.  If you remove any element, you weaken the question.

Notice the difference in how you feel when you consider the following two questions:

“Why is that important?” versus “Why is that important to you?”

In our experience, “why is that important to you” is personal, ambiguous (no right or wrong answer), and a little anxiety provoking – and for that reason, more valuable.